The Playground Ensemble – “Black Angels” by George Crumb
February 2, 2016
7:00 pm
Dazzle Jazz Restaurant and Lounge
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As part of our annual String Quartet Masterworks, The Playground is excited to present George Crumb’sBlack Angels

For more than fifty years, George Crumb has been captivating and intriguing audiences with his mysterious sound world. Written in 1970 and subtitled “thirteen images from the dark land for electric string quartet,” Black Angels is one of Crumb’s best-known works. The eerie effect of amplified strings in their registral and dynamic extremes is enhanced by various percussion instruments and experimental techniques. The quartet’s three parts—Departure (fall from grace), Absence (spiritual annihilation), and Return (redemption)—tell of a painful but ultimately uplifting journey, and express the composer’s reaction to the Vietnam War.